Sunday Serve Week: Giving Room

Giving Room.png

This Sunday Missio Church will not be meeting in the traditional Sunday morning capacity. The Northgate Community Center is closed April 14-22 to redo the floors which means our usual space to meet will not be available. However, we still plan to gather and engage a different part of who we are as a church in Northgate. 

Missio exists to be more than just a Sunday morning worship gathering. We are a church committed to creating spaces where people can experience Jesus. And often those spaces take place outside the traditional Sunday morning experience. One such space that Missio is engaging in is the Giving Room and The Center, run by the Epic Life church, near Aurora. The Giving Room is a food pantry that serves 40-60 homeless individuals every week and the Center is a collection of services provided to the community as a way of building healthy individuals. With services such as Art and Music Therapy, Haircuts, the Puget Sound Christian Clinic, Counseling services, and more, the Giving Room and The Center serve as more than just a place to get a few good services for those in need. It is a place of faith and healing, community and friendship. The people who show up every week are met with love and kindness and a genuine desire to form relationship. Missio has been invited to serve and volunteer in both the Giving Room and The Center. And while a lot of people may not be able to volunteer when the Giving Room and Center are open to the public, Monday’s from 10-1pm, there are still ways for us to be involved on an individual and corporate level. One such way is by helping provide much needed food items to help the Giving Room continue providing and blessing people with groceries.   

This Sunday Missio will gather as a church for the purpose of serving and blessing our friends and partners at the Giving Room. They have asked us to provide a number of specific food items that have been quite low as of late. This will not only provide them with a broader choice of food items, but it will also keep them from having to turn people away for lack of food. 


So what are the details for Sunday?

What: Gathering to serve the Giving Room by stocking shelves with much need food items

When: Sunday 4/15,

9:30 am- Worship and Prayer with Epic Life Church

10:00 am- Pray over Giving Room & Head to grocery stores to purchase food items

10:45-11am- Return to The Giving Room to help stock shelves

Where: Epic Life Church, 10510 Stone Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

Why: Our Mission is to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement. We are loving people and helping awaken a movement of Jesus by serving in this way. 

Food Items Most Needed: 


Condiments (mayo, catsup, mustard-in packets)


Dried beans



Cooking oil

Canned fruit (esp. peaches, fruit cocktail)

Canned corn (no green beans - we have plenty)

canned black beans

chili etc.


Oatmeal (either the packets or tubs)

What NOT to buy: 



Cupcakes, etc.

The Giving Room has ample amounts of these items. 

Thank you for serving with us and helping to bless countless people along Aurora in North Seattle.