Missio Church Launch


Media Contact:
Nathan MacDonald
(206) 476-6196

Missio Church to Hold Launch Event in Northgate Community Center
Missio Church would like to invite you to join their new church as they bring their mission to love God, love people and awaken a movement to the Northgate area and its surrounding neighborhoods. On Sunday, April 29, Missio Church will formally introduce itself to the community through its Launch, an event to reach out to the neighborhood. The event will include a meal and an opportunity to fellowship and connect with the members of the community from all walks of life. As part of its mission to love people and its community, Missio will take a donation during the Launch to support Northgate Elementary, one of the most culturally diverse and underfunded schools in Seattle. For Jared King, pastor of Missio Church, this is more than a donation. “Donating 100 percent of our collection to Northgate Elementary is part of something much
larger, it’s part of our commitment to partnering with local schools and organizations that are working to make this community a great place to live for all people. Northgate Elementary can barely afford essentials like copy paper. As a church, we want to help alleviate that cost,” said King. “Missio is a community of people trying to figure out life with Jesus together and how, as a community, we can make Northgate, and the surrounding neighborhoods, great places for all people to live. We would like you to join us in that adventure.” For more information regarding the Launch and Missio Church, visit missiochurchseattle.org or call (206) 427-2435.

Missio Church Launch
Sunday, April 29
10 a.m.- 12 p.m.
Northgate Community Center
Food and childcare are provided