Missio Launch

This is an exciting season at Missio Church. We are entering into a “Launch Phase” which is leading us to this anticipated moment of celebration on April 15 where we will launch in the Northgate neighborhood of North Seattle. And while we have talked a lot in different settings regarding what “launching” means, I think it is important to consistently remind us of what we mean by “launch.” 

Launching is a strategic moment in the life of any new church. It's a moment to both celebrate what God has been doing, is doing, and will do in us as a church, while also serving as a place of transition into the next phase of what Missio is as a church. Where we will begin meeting weekly to worship together at the Northgate Community Center. And the focus on who we are will begin to shape more and more where we go and how we engage in the life of our city. 

And as we move closer to our Launch Date on April 15th there are several things I want to highlight and draw our attention to. 

  1. Prayer and Celebration: This is a fun and exciting time. I want people to feel a sense of joy and celebration as we move toward April 15. If we aren’t having a good time while doing this then perhaps we are not doing it right. Having said that, I realize the great challenge ahead of us, and as a result, there will be moments that challenge us along the way. And I want us to find peace and rest in the presence of Jesus through prayer. We need to become a people of prayer. Praying for Missio and the city of Seattle on a regular basis.

  2. United Message: Over the next couple months we are going to focus a lot of energy on creating a united message through Facebook, Marketing, Website, emails, other social media, etc. Each month we will have a primary focus we are drawing our attention to. The focus for each month will be:

    1. February- People. February will be all about the people you know. Praying for them, loving them, inviting them and more.

    2. March- Places. March will focus on the places of influence you have and the places we long to engage with.

    3. April- Prayer. April will primarily focus on prayer. There are 360 hours from April 1-15. We want to call Missio, and countless others, to commit to 360 hours of prayer before our Launch. We are inviting countless individuals and churches into this commitment to prayer with us. We already have 3 churches and many individuals on board who have committed to praying. More on this to come.

  3. Volunteer, Give, Bring: Check out our blog on some new things taking place at Missio and ways to actively engage over the next couple months.

We are trusting that God is moving ahead of us shaping and cultivating the path forward. As we continue moving we will be a church that is committed to following Jesus into the spaces he goes and to engage with the people he loves. 

I am so glad to be on this mission with you.


Jared King