How To Use Planning Center

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Creating an Account:

If this is your first time using Planning Center, follow the link in your welcome email to set up your account. All you have to do is create a password and it will take you to your home page. If you ever forget your password, email and we can reset it for you.

Planning Center Email:

Each week that you serve, you will receive a generic email from Planning Center informing you that it is your week to volunteer and asking you to “Accept” or “Decline” your invitation. PLEASE answer this email each week, as it helps us to make sure we have enough volunteers in each position. We are totally fine if you cannot serve each time you are asked, but it is very important for us to know so we can prepare and not scramble last minute. You may be out of town, busy, or just feel unmotivated some weeks, and please hear us say that is totally OK! You do not need to send us an email letting us know if you can or cannot attend, as we will be able to see your response in Planning Center.

What can I do with my Planning Center account?

·       Accept or Decline your invitation to serve on a Sunday. You will need to create your password the first time you Accept or Decline an invitation, but after that you can simply click the button in your email and not even worry about signing in to Planning Center.

·       Block Out Dates: If you know in advance you are going to be out of town on any Sunday, you can easily block out those dates. This will help ensure that we do not schedule you when you cannot volunteer, as well as helping us find someone to take your place in advance. We always want our volunteers to feel freedom in serving, so please don’t feel bad for missing!

·       Set Serving Preferences: Do you want to serve with other members from your Missio Community? You can tell us! Do you want to make sure you are not scheduled on the same day as your spouse so that one of you can be free to watch the kids? You can tell us that too! You can also let us know things like the frequency you want to serve (every week, once a quarter, etc.) or specific Sundays you are or are not available (1st Sunday of the month, not available on the 4th Sunday, etc).

·       Update Personal Information: Need to update your physical or email address? No need to wait on us to do it, you can update your info through your account!

·       Giving Profile: If you give to Missio, you have a Giving Profile associated with your account. You can update your payment method, set up or change recurring donations, and even view your donation statements.


Jared King