Inclement Weather Policy


Missio Church recognizes the fact that inclement weather and other emergencies can affect our ability to open for Sunday Gatherings. The safety of those leaders as well as everyone attending is paramount in any emergency situation.

No policy can cover every potential emergency situation, so this policy covers the most common. Fortunately, emergencies and inclement weather days are infrequent, but these are the guidelines for when they occur.

Sunday Worship Cancellations

These are the factors that will help determine if cancelling a Sunday Gathering is necessary.

  1. Road Conditions: are the roads too dangerous to get to and from Northgate Community Center safely (this includes ice, snow, or any other condition that would make it unsafe to travel).

  2. Trailer: Can we get the trailer safely to the community center. This alone would not be enough to cancel as we could transport essential equipment in a car. But it will be a factor in the decision.

  3. Northgate Community Center Closure: Periodically the Northgate Community Center will make the decision for us by canceling all weekend activities.

  4. Key Leaders: Can enough key leaders make it safely to Northgate Community Center. If we exhaust options such as changing who leads, what happens, etc., this will factor into the decision to cancel.


  • If cancelled:

    • Email will be sent out on Saturday by 5pm

    • Post on Missio Facebook page & Instagram page Saturday by 5pm

    • Post on the front page of our website

    • Personal text or email to all who are signed up to volunteer on Sunday making sure they are aware of the cancellation

  • If decision is made to go ahead and meet

    • Post on Missio FB & Instagram page

    • Personal text/email to those scheduled to volunteer, making sure they know it's still on and checking in to see if any volunteers may be unable to make it due to the weather so their spots can be filled

Jared King