Why we take a week off

On December 30 we will not be meeting for a regular time of worship. This is the start of a yearly tradition for Missio to take off the last Sunday of the year. Here are a couple reasons why we intentionally do not gather for our regular worship gathering:

  1. As a church, we want to model rest to our people and our community. The idea of Sabbath rest is important to us, and we believe the more of us who practice restful habits the better our families, our church, and our society will become. We intentionally give our volunteers, pastors, and staff the week off so they can spend time resting or being with their families for the holiday. You can read more here about why it’s important to Missio to give people rest.

  2. If you’ve worshiped with us on a Sunday, you’ve probably heard us say that two-thirds of how we do church happens outside of Sundays. Missio is a group of people gathering for worship once a week, but also small groups meeting throughout the city, acts of service to our neighborhood, coffee dates, prayer walks, and more. Taking this Sunday off is a reminder to us that church isn’t confined to Sunday mornings. Though we aren’t gathering as usual at Northgate Community Center, we are still doing church.

  3. We want to encourage and challenge you to take the opportunity to be Missio Church in your own way. Here are some ideas and resources to help you out:

    • Missio at home. Worship in your living room as a family or as a small group (invite your neighbor or Missio Community). It could look like anything from singing Christmas carols or hymns, reading a few scriptures, listening to a podcast, or simply kicking off brunch with a prayer. Here’s a few resources to help you out:

    • Missio in partnership. Missio is one of many great churches who make up the Church in Seattle. We’d love for you to connect with another church to encourage and be encouraged by them. Here’s a couple churches with which we are in partnership:

    • Missio outdoors. Many people feel inspired and rejuvenated by being outdoors. Did you know that experiencing God’s creation on a hike through the woods could be a time of worship? Put on your hiking boots and rain gear, grab your dog, and head to a nearby trail to explore God’s creation. Just be sure to take some time to marvel at His creativity.

We would love for you to share your experience with us and our community! Post a photo of your time of worship, and be sure to tag Missio Church on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #OutsideMissio.

Laura King