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Many volunteers serve Missio every month. Some show up early to set up chairs and prepare the space for the day. Some help with running slides or setting up tech equipment. Whatever the task, our volunteers are shaping our church and creating a welcoming, engaging environment for people to meet Jesus. We have been so blessed by the outpouring of so many each month.

We ask you to…

1. Join ONE volunteer team.
2. Serve at ONE worship gathering ONCE a month for ONE year.

Click here to volunteer or read on to learn more about each volunteer role.

The set up team arrives by 8:30 to prepare the space for worship both physically and spiritually. By brewing coffee, setting out chairs, tables, communion, and more, you have the opportunity to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for each person to encounter Jesus. Each item we set up has a distinct purpose to help people connect with God; the set up team is a vital part of setting the stage for people to experience the life-changing love of Jesus.

The welcome team’s role is to make regulars and guests feel welcome as they arrive, hang out by the coffee table, find their seat, etc. This team arrives by 9:40 to help people find their way in, answer basic questions, and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Sharing communion together each time we gather is a special time meant to help us reflect on God’s voice and send us out in fellowship to continue “church” outside of our worship gathering. We lovingly bake the bread for communion each week as a reflection of the significance of this tradition. The Communion Volunteer uses his or her own basic baking supplies (flour, honey, brown sugar, water, and butter) and follows a simple recipe to bake the bread before a Worship Gathering. He or she arrives by 9:45 to insure it gets set out on the Communion Table.

The tech team arrives by 8:30 and assists our tech staff in preparing the space for worship. This includes setting up the stage for the worship team, setting up video systems, assisting the audio engineer through sound check, and more. The tech team also assists in clean up. This role can include some heavy lifting. Prior experience preferred, but not required!

We want everyone, whether you grew up in church or it’s your first visit, to be able to worship with us — so it’s important to display the words to the songs we sing. The slides volunteer makes this happen by running the worship slides during the worship gathering. He or she arrives a few minutes early and receives instructions from our tech team about the order of worship, and after that it’s as easy as swiping on an ipad. This job is extremely easy — if you can operate a smartphone, you can do this role!

Creating a space for people to encounter Jesus through worship and song is an important part of Missio Church. The worship team, lead by the worship leader, leads people into a time of authentic worship. Volunteers will meet for practice at least once during the week prior to the Worship Gathering and arrive on Sunday by 8:30. Each volunteer will need to provide their own musical instrument.

Missio Kids volunteers arrive by 9:45 to create a welcoming, safe, and engaging environment for the kids. You’ll lead kids ages five and under to the kid’s space just before the time of teaching and ensure children feel safe and valued as you play with them. You will pack up the kid’s room at the end of the time of teaching.

Ministry doesn’t end when church is over — we want the Gospel to keep being preached after we leave. An easy way to do this is to make sure the rented spaces we are in are cleaner than how we found them. The clean up team remains after worship and helps clean up the worship space by putting up chairs, banners, coffee stations, etc. This usually takes 20-30 minutes.

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Thank you for volunteering with us!


Laura King