A Movement of Prayer


Core to Missio Church is the idea that prayer activates the Spirit to help us know God, access his power, and experience his peace. It is prayer that moves the spirit to act on behalf of the church that was newly forming in the beginning chapters of Acts. It was prayer that Jesus continuously entered into when he was preparing to engage in important elements of his ministry and purpose. And it is prayer that we are called to participate in as church. 

As a church we are entering into a season of prayer on behalf of Seattle, it’s neighborhoods, people, and churches. To kick this season off we will spend a few minutes each day, for the next three weeks, praying for some specific aspect of the city, people, Missio Church, and much more. We are asking that everyone take a minimum of 3-5 minutes every day to pray over the prayer prompt that will be sent from our Facebook page. And let’s see how the Spirit of God will be activated to make known who God is, so we can access his power and experience his peace in this city.


Jared King