Missio Leadership

Our church family is led by a plurality of Christ-honoring, servant leaders — all submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Below is an overview of the teams that partner together to serve our church family. 

Jesus Our Leader

We believe the scriptures are true when they say that Jesus is the one who is actively leading the church (1 Peter 5:4, Ephesians 5:23, Colossians 1:18). Jesus founded the church, died for the church, and is actively involved in leading His church. The leadership structure of our church family rests upon this wonderful reality. 

Governance Team

In 2015, Missio Church was planted in partnership with and under the oversight of Kairos Church Planting and the Ethos Church in Nashville, TN. Kairos and Ethos helped us form a Governance Team made up of five godly men and women who have provided guidance and oversight regarding finances, ethics, and theology. The Governance team oversees the yearly budget, Missio Staff, and the health and integrity of the Missio Direction Team.

Missio Staff

Our church family is young and currently operates through the generous gifts and talents of many volunteers. We foresee the future Missio Staff being responsible for equipping the family at Missio Church to carry out the work of God in our church, city, and beyond. The staff and Direction Teams are led by Jared King, the lead Pastor of Missio Church.

Direction Team

The Missio Direction Team is currently under development but will be responsible for overseeing the spiritual direction & vision of the Missio Church Family. These leaders are responsible for partnering with God and the Missio Staff to pray for the needs of our church family, and the mission God has entrusted to Missio Church.

  • Jared & Laura King

  • Alex & Kendal Keyes

  • Ryan & Tara Neill

  • Daniel Jarchow