About Us

Missio Church exists to love God, love people, and awaken a movement of Jesus in Seattle. The name Missio means “to send” and it is this action that is built into the DNA of our church. We gather people and equip, encourage and empower them to engage the people closest to them in their neighborhoods.

Our vision is to plant churches in multiple neighborhoods that will help people encounter the presence of Christ in their lives. We gather for the purpose of worshiping together, playing together and solving problems together. This is who we are and it defines so much of what we do.

Our Vision: 100 churches of 100

Seattle is naturally formed around a multitude of small community-based neighborhoods. We want to see the city connected through a network of existing churches, new churches, missional communities, non-profits, and other creative expressions of Jesus’ Church that will yield an expansive reach throughout the city.


(Matt. 22:36-40; 28:18-20): Our church is driven by intentional simplicity that allows the gospel to present itself in its clearest and most powerful way.


(Heb. 11 & 12; Ex. 35:31-32): We believe in creative design to discover and glorify God and do good works. We have been given access to God’s limitless creativity as displayed in the world and inherited by us who were made in his image.


(Galatians 3:28; Romans 14: 7-9) Jesus’ intention with humanity was that we return to our original beauty. That beauty being life in the presence of God. We belong to God and to one another. Missio is a place of belonging for all people, no matter your background, struggles, or beliefs. We are all on the same journey with Jesus and you belong here.


(Matthew 28: 18-20; Philippians 2: 5-11) Jesus constantly sent people out on mission in the world. He calls his people to constant and intentional movement into the spaces that need an encounter with him. We are a church on the move, following the movement of our leader, King Jesus.